Vascular Integrated Physiology & Experimental Therapeutics


Who We Are

The ViperX Laboratory is a comprehensive vascular testing lab run by the Prinicpal Investigators of the Department of Vascular Surgery belongng to the San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center

ViperX Investigators work with a variety of research departments at the SFVAMC with aims of developing novel methods to evaluate, understand and improve vascular disease and surgical outcomes.  


Our goal in the ViperX lab is to provide comprehensive vascular testing to better understand the vasacular physiology of our veteran patients and work toward improving their quality of life. 

Warren Gasper, MD, Prinicpal Investigator

SFVAMC Department of Vascular Surgery 

Click to see what we at the ViperX Lab has accomplished through past research!

  • Demonstrated adventitial infusion into the lower extremity
  • Implemented infusion of Dexamethasone to prevent restenosis
  • Tested an infusion of PRT-201 to enhance remodeling
  • Developed a protocol to measure endothelial function in vein grafts
  • Described the temporal model of vein graft adaptation in the lower extremity
  • Demonstrated omega 3 fatty acids improve proresolution markers